Traveling Man

  I was fortunate as a child that my parents were interested in traveling.  That started me on the path to seeing many countries and places.  We travelled in the United States and Europe seeing many beautiful sites along the way.  After graduating high school and joining the Military I travelled through Central and South America, seeing my first volcanoes, big cats, monkeys, and large colorful birds.

  I started making photographs about the same time we started traveling.  I do not remember the first camera I used but I do remember being fastenated by my grandfathers Olympus OM SLR camera.  Shortly there after I received my first SLR, a Minolta SR-T with a 50mm lens.  I used that camera through high school to shoot for the yearbook.  I also was able to go to a local college and learn how to develop and print black and white photographs.

  Later when that camera was stolen, I bought a Canon AE-1 Program which I used to make photographs during my travels throughout Central and South America.

 Follow my travels...


Netherlands Open Air Museum, Hoeferlaan 4, 6816 SG Arnhem, Netherlands.  Some time in the 1970's